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Privacy Center

Welcome to the TRIALIZE, Inc. Privacy Center. TRIALIZE provides a variety of healthcare research, trial, and development solutions to enhance and expedite healthcare research.

This Privacy Center is intended to help you identify the TRIALIZE privacy practices and Privacy Statements which apply to your use of TRIALIZE websites and applications.


TRIALIZE is committed to:

  • Protecting the privacy of its customers and their end users, whether you are a patient, a study participant, or a professional user of TRIALIZE products.

  • Informing you of the types of personal data TRIALIZE collects;

  • Informing you of the ways in which TRIALIZE can use the personal data we collect;

  • Informing you with whom TRIALIZE may share your personal data, and why;

  • Complying will all applicable laws which help protect your privacy;

  • Making ourselves available to answer any additional questions you have about our use, maintenance, or disclosure of your personal data.


As a technology solution provider, TRIALIZE provides its customers with applications and platform solutions enabling our Customers to interact with their patients and study participants more effectively. In such instances, TRIALIZE acts as a data processor working on behalf of the customer. Because each trial or study is different, our Customers who will collect and use information gathered through the TRIALIZE solutions will provide a privacy statement specific to their use of personal data for that respective study or trial. If you participate in a study or trial, please see the privacy statements in Your specific study or trial for more information, or contact Your study sponsor or investigator for assistance.


TRIALIZE also acts as the data controller for information you provide to us as part of your interaction with our websites, participation in our sales and marketing activities (including events), when you apply for a job at TRIALIZE, if you are an employee of TRIALIZE, or if your personal data is provided to TRIALIZE in your role as a supplier or a customer.


  • TRIALIZE Privacy Statement applies to your use of the TRIALIZE websites, and your interaction with TRIALIZE’s sales and marketing programs.

  • The TRIALIZE App Privacy Statement applies to your use of the TRIALIZE App when TRIALIZE is the data controller.Please note: if you are using the App as part of your participation in a study, trial, decentralized trial, or other project with a TRIALIZE customer, then a different set of privacy practices may apply to your use, and those practices will be presented to you as part of the clinical study.

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Copyright © 2023 Trialize. All rights reserved.